it's about industry advancement, creating spaces, and building community.

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it's about visual storytellers

We're a non-profit that exists to advance underrepresented and disadvantaged visual storytellers to have fair and proper access to careers in their fields. We commit to providing multi-site Collaboration Hubs, industry development programs, workshops, and community platforms for professional and career growth for those we serve.


We create spaces for the underrepresented or disadvantaged visual storyteller to find their tribe, create content, and advance their industry career. It's why we exist. 




Problems we're solving through your support and involvement:

1) Lack of access to industry connections, development, spaces, and a collaborative network of like-minded visual storytellers. 


2) Glass ceilings encountered by underrepresented visual storytellers in reaching industry opportunities without key connections or “lucky breaks.”

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Our mission is

To advance underrepresented visual storytellers.

Our vision is

To be the bridge for visual storytellers to reach industry opportunities.

Our Ethos

We are about loving people. We aim to live out the heart of Christ by sharing his love with our staff, our members, and our volunteers. We ultimately exist to serve and benefit others.

it's about values


High quality, good design, and full effort in everything we do and put out.​


Inventiveness, creativity, and a call to persevere through obstacles.


A call to always include others in our activities by promoting a culture of care.


A call of responsibility and belongingness.


A way we view those around us, regardless of skin color. Bonds deeper than friendships.

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