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Find your tribe.
Grow your creative community.

You need a creative community.
We got em.

Community Groups are localized member-led creative groups in cities and towns. 

The vision for every Community Group is to 1) Build community and professional connections, and 2) create content of course!


Why join? As a creative and visual storyteller, community is everything! In order to go further, faster, you need a group of like-minded creatives surrounding you to help you grow, create content, share resources, and do life with. That's what Community Groups are for!

Already a leader? Find resources & more!

Ready to lead your own group?

Don't underestimate yourself! If you're a dedicated creative and serious about helping other storytellers go higher in their crafts, then you should apply to lead! 

If you're interested in potentially leading a group in your city, email to learn more, ask questions, and get started! Ready to apply now? 

From our community of creatives

 "Anissa and Desmond create an atmosphere where we can feel open to sharing our work and receive thoughtful notes. Outside of class, Anissa answered my industry-related questions about managers, and Desmond also hopped on a separate call with me to answer my questions about his experience as a story analyst. Community Groups like this are essential to lifting up underrepresented communities in the entertainment industry and championing their voices."


Jeremy Hsing

UCLA ‘22 | Psychology, B.A. with Film & Art History Minor

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