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City Meetups are organized and led by Hosts - Volunteers who apply to organize a City Meetup and agree to oversee the event planning, venue selection, promotion, and execution of the event.


Example 1: City Meetup for filmmakers in Atlanta, GA

An Atlanta-based filmmaker decides to organize a Concept Factory City Meetup at a local studio space for filmmakers to come together, showcase their work, discuss tips, tricks, and opportunities, and meet other filmmakers to collaborate with on future projects. He/she has a company sponsor the breakfast for the meetup for attendees to enjoy. During the meetup, he/she hosts a filmmakers panel and attendees get to hear from creative professionals in their city. 


Example 2: City Meetup in Charlotte, NC

A Charlotte-based content creator decides to host a Saturday morning brunch for local artists and creatives at one of the city’s hottest new food spots. The brunch is a time for local artists to mingle, network, and get to know one another.


  • Must be at least 21 years old (at the date of your application)

  • Must have a valid Driver’s License or Government-issued I.D 

  • Must be (or become) a free member of our Online Community Platform

  • Must submit the host application describing the nature and idea of the event. 

  • Required to sign the waiver and licensing agreement stating that they represent Concept Factory, Inc, but exists as a separate entity/person.


  • Serve as the main point of contact

  • Finding and securing a suitable venue for the meetup

  • Finding local sponsors and/or individual supporters to cover any food or venue costs

  • Find/request other local volunteers to serve as your team, including a qualified photographer and/or videographer.

  • Marketing and promoting for the event
    *(Concept Factory will handle all branding and assets such as flyers, logos, etc.)

  • Must agree not to collect any compensation or admission fees for the meetup. 

  • Must agree to have a secure check-in process and take attendance. 

  • Must submit an “event report” at the conclusion of the meetup.


Hosts may have co-hosts for their City Meetup, that will assist in the planning, promoting, and execution of the event. Co-hosts must be listed on the City Meetups application form.


What resources will I be provided as a Host?

Hosts for each City Meetup will be provided with a branded event-planning guide, along with a batch of brand assets, presentation & design templates, and invited to join a private online group to resource other hosts & leaders.

Can I charge an admission fee for my City Meetup?
No, all City Meetups are 100% free. 

How long can my City Meetup be?
City Meetups must be at minimum 1-hour in duration and no longer than 8 hours. Anything shorter or longer will need to be reviewed and approved by a Concept Factory staff member.

How often can an approved host organize a City Meetup?
Once an applicant has been approved as a host, he/she can organize as many City Meetups as they'd like!

How are City Meetups paid for? 
Hosts are encouraged to find their own sponsors or donors to cover expenses associated with hosting a City Meetup. 

Question not answered? 

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