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Finance Manager

Job Type

Staff Volunteer

About the Role

The Finance Manager for Concept Factory assists with general accounting and administrative financial duties as needed. Typical job duties include analyzing and researching financial statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, keeping accurate books, and other general tasks performed in the accounting department.

This critical team member will demonstrate strong ownership and responsibility, and maintain clear and concise records and communication across all levels of leadership. They are excellent and innovative problem solvers, trained to identify potential financial risks, problems, and/or opportunities of how Concept Factory can position itself to be most financially healthy. This apprentice should be trusted to provide the Executive Director and other Core Team leaders with proper financial advice, including assisting in setting departmental budgets. They demonstrate superb verbal and written communication skills, anticipate and manage potential hindrances to achieve goals with a thorough ability to carry out strategic and tactical financial planning.

Staying organized and keeping things in order speaks their language. They excel in working with money and numbers, thinks like an owner of the company, and have a strict commitment to confidentiality. In their minds, they see a financially-healthy company as a means to do greater good for our members and communities.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Creates necessary spreadsheets, lists, documents, financial reports, and other organizational systems to keep all work processes organized and up-to-date.

  • Assist with the preparation of business tax returns.

  • Carrying out bookkeeping activities and keeping accurate financial and bank statements.

  • Updating accounts receivable and issuing invoices.

  • Updating accounts payable and performing reconciliations.

  • Run quarterly (every 3-month) financial reports to determine financial health.

  • Provide trusted financial advice to CEO and other key Core Team leaders about financial matters, risks, and areas of opportunity for Concept Factory.

  • Assist CEO in determining budgets for departments at the start of each quarter or designated period.

  • Oversee, lead, and coach departmental staff to ensure goals are met with efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Create visual presentations and other visual documents necessary within the role to present to the leadership team.

  • Launch and participate in company-related brainstorms, ideation sessions, and rallies for the development of new programs, initiatives, and plans.


  • 1+ years prior work experience in any large professional organization is preferred.

  • 2+ years of experience in a role related to accounting, financial management, or similar.

  • 1+ years of experience using project management and accounting software preferred.

  • Associates degree in accounting or closely related field preferred.


  • Excellent research skills with ability to find, analyze, and leverage collected financial data.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and an ability to influence teams and partners.

  • A heart for people, our Christian values, and possess a servant-leader mindset.

  • Highly detail-oriented, excellent organizational skills, and ability to multitask.

  • A passion for accounting and working with numbers.

  • A passion and full faith in the vision and mission of Concept Factory!

  • Advanced proficiency in Google Suite (Sheets, Doc, & Drive)

Supervisory & Location Information:

This role is a supervisory role within the Concept Factory core team and will have direct reports as the team grows.

This position reports directly to Allan Meade, Excutive Director & Founder.

**Please Note: This position is remote (work-from-home) but may require occasional travel locally within the Atlanta, GA metro region.

About the Company

About Us: Who We Are
Concept Factory is a nonprofit organization committed to helping advance visual storytellers.
We create spaces for visual storytellers to find their tribes, create content, and advance their
industry careers. It's why we exist.

Our Vision is to serve as the bridge for visual storytellers to reach industry opportunities, thus
creating their own success.

Our mission to advance underrepresented visual storytellers.

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