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We're seeking a highly-organized and strategic young leader to handle operational tasks and help implement structural systems for Concept Factory.

The Operations Intern will oversee on-going operations and procedures and will serve under the Executive Director (ED) with a focus on operational strategy, creating spreadsheets, docs, operating systems, and infrastructure needed to keep the organization organized, efficient, and running smoothly.

The Operations Intern will have superb communication and leadership skills and be ready to learn, grow, and develop their leadership skills. The ideal candidate is committed to a mindset of excellence and quality in all they do.

> Executive Director (ED): Cast vision, direction, and implements actionable growth ideas for the team & organization.
> Operations Intern: Takes the vision, direction, and ideas from the ED and translates them into structures, systems, and tangible steps and/or strategies.

[Position Duties: What You’ll Be Doing!]

Collaborate with the ED and other Core Team leaders in setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy, and hiring needs.

Work closely with the ED in developing and establishing policies and practices that promote our vision, excellence, and “culture of care.”

Translate vision into strategy and actionable goals for performance and growth, helping to implement organization-wide goal setting, performance management, and operating planning.

Create overall “Operational Plans” (or “Ops Plans”) for all Concept Factory’s major initiatives and organization-wide pushes not strictly related to a specific event or workshop.

Oversee the creation of comprehensive and detailed documents, databases, and/or project management systems needed to effectively carry out duties.

Directly supports other team members when additional help is needed.

Schedules Bi-weekly Team Sync Up meetings + all other team-wide meetings, creates meeting agendas, calendar matters, schedules, and takes meeting minutes (notes) before translating them to action items. This is followed by sending a “Meeting Recap” email to all applicable team members following every meeting.


  • An attitude of excellence and good quality that translates to tangible works, communication style, and attention to detail.

  • Takes personal ownership of, and pride in position + identifies deeply with the Concept Factory vision as their own, not “someone else’s.”

  • Ability to work well under pressure or in an environment where multiple projects are being pursued at the same time.

  • Understanding of how a startup nonprofit works, what’s required of its team members, and what systems need to be in place to promote efficiency.

  • Experience implementing effective methods, systems, and infrastructure.

  • Aptitude in decision-making and creative problem-solving. Being a self-starter who takes initiative and is highly organized is a MUST.

  • Coachable with a positive, can-do attitude, and eagerness to learn, grow, and be continually polished.

  • Actively encourages, supports, uplifts, and provides constructive criticism to teammates, supervisor, and isn’t afraid to offer their advice or ideas.

  • Superb written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills with emphasis on professionalism and being able to network with individuals across multiple industries.

  • Love for people, passion to serve the greater good, and willingness to honor Concept Factory’s values, faith, mission, and commitment to excellence.

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