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Vendor Application

How do I become a vendor?

First off, we're so excited that you're interested in becoming a vendor at our Collab Hub experience! Each experience will allow you to have access to a whole new customer base and promote your brand. 

We've made our application process super simple! Please fill out the application form below to get started. From there, someone from our team will be in contact with you for further details. 

So what exactly is this event about?

Our Collab Hub experiences will feature live industry workshops, networking, vendors, and other engaging activities. You will gain valuable new resources and industry knowledge, form new connections, and have the opportunity to gain exposure amongst other local visual storytellers. For more info, check out FAQs. 

How much is a Vendor's Booth?

Vendor booth (table & chair) is offered for a flat rate of $75. You keep 100% of all profits made at the event. (That's a pretty good deal...)

Do I have to pay in full?

Yes. The full payment is due at the time your application is approved. Payments may be made via credit/debit card online via a secured invoice. No cash is accepted.

What type of vendors do you accept?

We allow almost any type of vendor who wishes to sell during our Collab Hub experiences. Below is a list of vendor types we do not accept.

  • Alcohol/Drug-related (including CBD products)

  • Adult toys or other sexually-suggestive items

  • Firearms or other explosive materials

  • Hazardous materials and/or chemicals of any sort

  • Materials, artwork, or crafts that display offensive messages or images.

For any additional questions about what type of vendors we do or don't accept, please email us. 

Have more questions not answered above? Email us!

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