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Concept Factory offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to help you get involved, grow your skill set, and serve your neighbor.




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All the questions. All the answers.

1. So what exactly is the "Dream Team?" 
The Dream Team is the official name of our volunteer community with Concept Factory because they help other make others' dreams a reality.

2. How many hours per week will I be asked to volunteer?
That's totally up to you! As a volunteer, you get to set your availability and contribute as you can. 

3. What does onboarding look like?
After you apply, our team will review your application to volunteer and reach out to you directly via email or phone. From there, you'll be invited to join one of our upcoming Volunteer Orientations. All team-specific training will be done by that department's leader. 

4. What exactly will I be doing?
Depending on your chosen team, our volunteers handle a variety of tasks, from contributing on an internal project, to serving as an Online Host for one of our virtual workshops. The sky's the limit! 

Still have questions? Reach out to us. 

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